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  • Jan
    [Industry News] Hot melt adhesives makes the world a quiet place

    The infinite charm of hot melt adhesives makes the world a quiet placeNo matter it is home floor decoration, office, business, or a good environment has many indicators. The quality of single sound is undoubtedly one of the hard indicators. Spiderbond is committed to creating a comfortable and beaut

  • Oct
    [Industry News] The shelving time of hot melt adhesive

    The shelving time of the high quality hot melt adhesive also needs to be well grasped, which will affect its bonding performance. So what is the open assembly time? Shelving time means a period of rest time after gluing, the liquid hot melt adhesive can still workable and could maintain a good bondi

  • Oct
    [Industry News] Thermal Stability Of Hot Melt Adhesive

    Thermal stability is the performance of PA soluble granule against oxidation and thermal decomposition under prolonged heating. It is an important indicator to measure the heat resistance of glue. Although the antioxidant is added to the polyamide soluble granule, it has a certain effect. However, i

  • Sep
    [Industry News] Melt Viscosity Index Of Hot Melt Adhesive

    The determination of the composition of the hot melt glue adhesive and its amount depends mainly on the availability of properties that meet the requirements of the application. At the same time, the performance of the glue used must also be fully understood when using hot melt PA glue adhesive to d

  • Sep
    [Industry News] Precautions for using hot melt adhesive

    Pay attention to the following during the process of using solvent adhesive glue: 1. Use within the recommended temperature.2. Do not mix different types of hot melt adhesives.3. Keep the environment around the hot melt machine clean and keep the air flowing.4. When adding materials or maintaining h


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