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The Properties of Hot Melt Adhesive

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Hot melt adhesive is a one-component, moisture-cured hot melt adhesive. It is a one-component high-strength hot melt adhesive made from imported polymer materials. It is produced by advanced technology and can be glued with a variety of substrates.


So why does hot melt glue have such high adhesion and have a wide range of uses? Next we will talk about the characteristics of hot melt adhesive.

hot melt adhesive


The properties of hot melt adhesive


1. It has a fast curing speed, solidifies in a few seconds, can be melted by heating, and can be bonded by cooling, which is convenient for continuous and automatic high-speed operation, which improves production efficiency and reduces cost.

2. 100% solid content, no solvent, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, energy-saving, no secondary pollution to the environment.

3. Non-reactive hot melt adhesive can be repeatedly melted and bonded, especially suitable for component bonding required by special processes, such as repair of some cultural relics.

4. It can be bonded to a wide range of objects, both bonded and sealed. It has a wide range of applications and has good adhesion to paper, plastic, metal and ceramics.

5. Convenient construction, small footprint of equipment, can save labor, can be sprayed, rolled, scraped, spotted, coated, etc.


The role of eco-friendly hot melt adhesives is so great. In the future, under the globalization trend of the hot melt adhesive industry, the demand will be more diversified, and the gradually large-scale hot melt adhesive enterprises will have sufficient strength to do basic research, so as to gain an advantage in the market where product homogeneity is serious. Therefore, the development of technology is almost inevitable.

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