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Hot melt adhesive LPM 807B

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  • LPM 1025
  • LPM 1025

SpiderBond® LPM 807B is a thermoplastic hot melt adhesive based on polyamide, the field of its application is Low Pressure Molding, it has the application systems for hot melt adhesive.



Material properties:








Softening point:


Ring and   Ball ASTM E 28

Melting viscosity:

220°C 7670 cps

LVT Brookfield ASTM D 3236

230°C 2570 cps

240°C 2040 cps

Elongation, %


Low Temperature Flexibility:


ASTM D 3111

Shore A Hardness


Application temperature:




Handling suggestions: When substrates with high heat conductivity shall be bonded the use of a given application temperature is necessary for good wetting. The substrate surface should be free of dust and cleaned with a suitable solvent so that there is no fat and oil.

Do not heat the product over the mentioned application temperature range. Without using do not heat the product for a long time, because the quality can decrease or extremely the product cokes. The standby temperature is 80 °C.


LMP 807B may adsorb moisture from the air. This will not be obvious in the solid form, but could cause foaming as the adhesive is melted which may result in poor bonds. Re close the container tightly as soon as sufficient adhesive has been removed for immediate use.


Apparatus cleaning: Remove very strong coked and not thermoplastic rests of hot melt mechanically.


Safety precautions: No health hazards are expected when this product is in solid form.

However, once melted it is like any hot liquid, which can produce severe burns. The appropriate safety precautions should be used (see also safety- data-sheet). If the molten adhesive has contacted your skin, cool the affected area immediately with cold water. Do not try to remove the adhesive from the skin. Go to your first aid station for attention.


Regulations: On the base of the available data, the product is not a hazardous material according to the China chemical law or the hazardous substances regulations.


Form of supply: Granulate, store in 25 kg net weight bag.


Storage: Up to max. +35 °C, min. 12 months in original closed container. Be sure that used container are closed immediately with insulation against moisture.

Maybe the adhesive and application properties can decrease by storing with open containers.


Information provided herein is based upon our practical knowledge and experience. Due to different materials used as well as to varying working conditions which are beyond our control we strictly recommend to carry out intensive trials. Any warranty and/or liability shall not be based on above information or personal consultation, except the contents of a consultation is explicitly confirmed by us in writing.


This Technical Data Sheet supersedes all previous editions.

Packaging & Shipping:
Packaging: in double layer craft paper or woven compound bag
Details: 25kg/bag, 25kg/drum
Delivery Detail: 15-25 days after receiving advanced T/T Payment

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