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  • Dec
    [Industry News] Textiles applications and hot melt adhesives

    With the gradual improvement of people's requirements for the quality of life, thermal bonding technology in the textile industry has become a trend to replace traditional stitching, and features such as seamless technology, waterproofing, hot pressing technology, water resistance, and dry wash resistance have attracted more and more attention. The hot melt adhesive with matching performance is very important to ensure the realization of various requirements, so hot melt adhesive has become an indispensable auxiliary material for clothing production.

  • Nov
    [Industry News] What is the most regular hot melt adhesive for clothing?

    As an emerging material in recent years, hot melt adhesive has the characteristics of convenient use, environmental protection and non-toxicity, which can replace the traditional sewing process. Therefore, in recent years, hot melt adhesives are increasingly used in the field of clothing. This article will introduce hot melt adhesives commonly used in clothing through the two dimensions of material and form.

  • Jun
    [Industry News] Why does hot melt glue smoke during production?

    In the process of producing adhesive hot melt PA glue, we sometimes find that there is a smoke situation. Why? How can we solve this situation? Reasons1. The operating temperature is too high.2. Temperature control is out of control.3. Hot melt adhesive is too poor in thermal stability. Solutions1.

  • Jun
    [Industry News] Hot Melt Adhesive Drawing?

    We have some drawing in the process of producing hot melt adhesive PA glue, which makes people very helpless. So why is this happening? Next, let us share with you the reasons and solutions for drawing, we sincerely hope to help friends. Hot-melt adhesive drawingReason:1. The operating temperature i

  • May
    [Industry News] Hot melt adhesives makes the world a quiet place

    The infinite charm of hot melt adhesives makes the world a quiet placeNo matter it is home floor decoration, office, business, or a good environment has many indicators. The quality of single sound is undoubtedly one of the hard indicators. Spiderbond is committed to creating a comfortable and beaut


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