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  • Apr
    [Industry News] The composition and characteristics of hot melt adhesive

    What is hot melt adhesive?Hot melt adhesives are thermoplastic materials composed of stabilizers, additives, pigments and polymers, sold as solid, cylindrical rods or pellets. The sticks are melted and applied using a hot melt spray gun or sprayer. Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)Volatile organic c

  • Apr
    [Industry News] Why is hot melt adhesive so popular?

    Hot melt has become so popular that is it overtaking solvent-based adhesives. Solvent-based adhesives are mixtures of various ingredients dissolved in a solvent. When the solvent evaporates, the material sticks. Hot melt, which is polymer-based, gets around many of the problems with solvent-based gl

  • Mar
    [Industry News] What is hot melt made of?

    Hot melt is the name given to any polymer-based glue that is applied in a molten state. The application of the adhesive is usually by an industrial glue gun, which works through either trigger action or finger pressure. Hot melt is used in a variety of settings due to its versatility, including pack

  • Mar
    [Industry News] The difference between hot sticking and cold sticking in hot melt adhesive

    For hot melt adhesives, the difference between hot sticking and cold sticking is the difference in physical properties between the two states. From the description of the two bonding methods, the difference can be well understood, and it will be more convenient for the rubber to be used in the futur

  • Mar
    [Industry News] Performance of adhesive

    Let's move on to the last article to talk about the performance of hot melt adhesives. For the building materials industry, there are many properties of hot melt adhesives. According to the performance, the adhesives in the building materials industry can be divided into six types, specifically: so


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