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  • Jun
    [Industry News] Performance Evaluation of Hot Melt Adhesive

    Hot melt adhesives have their own characteristics as a type of adhesive, and the hot melt adhesive testing method can be classified according to the type of rubber and the application of the rubber. Among them, the types of rubber types are mainly: non-pressure-sensitive hot melt adhesive testing an

  • Apr
    [Industry News] What causes the hot melt adhesive to become viscous?

    Disposable hygiene products are coated with hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive (referred to as hot melt adhesive) on PE film, non-woven fabric and some elastic materials (mainly elastic rubber) by bonding, embossing, cutting and packaging technology to manufacture the disposable hygiene products.

  • Apr
    [Industry News] Application of hot melt PA adhesive

    At present, the use of hot melt adhesives on the market is becoming wider and wider. Due to the various advantages of hot melt adhesives, they are fully utilized in many industries. Next, let's discuss the application of hot melt adhesives. 1. Automotive industryThe car will be the fastest growing i

  • Mar
    [Industry News] The difference between hot sticking and cold sticking in hot melt adhesive

    For hot melt adhesives, the difference between hot sticking and cold sticking is the difference in physical properties between the two states. From the description of the two bonding methods, the difference can be well understood, and it will be more convenient for the rubber to be used in the futur


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