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  • Mar
    [Industry News] Performance of adhesive

    Let's move on to the last article to talk about the performance of hot melt adhesives. For the building materials industry, there are many properties of hot melt adhesives. According to the performance, the adhesives in the building materials industry can be divided into six types, specifically: so

  • Mar
    [Industry News] What is the adhesive?

    Adhesives, also known as binders, are materials that bond two or more components together by interface adhesion, cohesion, occlusion, and friction to work together (or function). It can be natural. It can also be artificially prepared, and it can be inorganic, organic or inorganic-organic composite.

  • Feb
    [Industry News] Spiderbond ExA 76-380 Hot Melt Polyamide Adhesive

    Hot melt adhesive is a plasticity adhesive. Its physical state changes with temperature in a certain temperature range, and its chemical properties remain unchanged. It is non-toxic and tasteless and is an environmentally friendly chemical product. Because the product itself is solid, easy to packag

  • Nov
    [Industry News] Current status of automotive adhesive sealants

    The largest amount of adhesives and sealants are used in the wood processing, construction and light industry. Although the amount of adhesives used in automobiles has increased significantly with the improvement of the manufacturing process level, even in countries with developed automobile manufac

  • Jul

    Hot melt adhesives melt under high temperatures. You have to apply these adhesives to an object and adhere another object to it before these adhesives cool and lose their adhesive properties. The open time is the period of time from when the adhesive is applied to the adherend to when the adhesive c


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