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  • Jul
    [Industry News] Hot-melt Adhesive Thickening Problem

    It is well known that one of the most important performance indicators of hot melt adhesives is the adhesion to the substrate, to determine whether the hot melt adhesive is qualified, usually the first test is to test whether the hot melt adhesive adhesion is up to standard. Formulation design, bond

  • Jun
    [Industry News] The Properties of Hot Melt Adhesive

    Hot melt adhesive is a one-component, moisture-cured hot melt adhesive. It is a one-component high-strength adhesive hot melt adhesive made from imported polymer materials. It is produced by advanced technology and can be glued with a variety of substrates. So why does hot melt adhesive have such hi

  • Jun
    [Industry News] Classification of Hot Melt Adhesive

    Hot melt adhesive is an important category of adhesives. It has 100% solid content, no solvent, environmental protection, non-toxicity and fast curing. Usually refers to the appearance of solid state at room temperature, when heated to a certain temperature, it melts into a viscous liquid. After coa

  • Jun
    [Industry News] Application of hot melt adhesive in automobiles

    With environmental environmental protection and consumer requirements for automotive interior air quality, coupled with hot melt adhesives with fast curing characteristics. As an environmentally-friendly hot melt adhesive, it is widely used in the bonding of components such as automotive roofing, au

  • Aug
    [Industry News] What can it do--polyamide hot melt adhesive

    High molecular weight polyamide hot melt adhesive: good fluidity, high bonding strength, dry cleaning, water washing; Low molecular weight polyamide hot melt adhesive: good strength and toughness, most of the performance is better than EVA hot melt adhesive.Under normal circumstances, polyamide hot


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