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Spiderbond high performance adhesives — for packaging 
Application: Suitable for automatic carton production, food packaging, frozen packages, cigarette filters, medical package, lables, etc.
Spiderbond high performance adhesives — for electronics
Application: Suitable for PCB board, USB drive, consumer electronics, sensors, microswitch and antennas, automobile wiring and connectors, etc.
Spiderbond high performance adhesives — for automotive industry
Application: Suitable for bonding head liner, seats, carpet, weather stripping, rear window, headlights, taillights, lampshade and lens, air filter, oil filter, fuel filter, luggage rack, nameplate, etc. 
Spiderbond high performance adhesives — for making hot melt tape
Application: Suitable for making hot melt tape, hot melt film, etc.
​The hot melt tape are very popular for electronics, automobile industry, textile and crafts. 


For more than ten years, SpiderBond Adhesives has focused on the research, development, manufacturing and marketing of hot melt adhesive materials, and specializes in the production of fatty acid-based polyamide hot-melt adhesives. SpiderBond hot melt polyamide adhesives offer the unique combination of high performance in aggressive environments with sustainable chemistry designed to protect our planet. Our mission at SpiderBond is to create value for our customers through the development of high performance adhesives while also supporting the growth of environmentally friendly sustainable chemistry.

SpiderBond’s R&D team is located in North America, and specializes in the research and development of hot melt thermoplastic polymer materials, and can provide customers with detailed technical solutions to challenging adhesion problems.

SpiderBond has developed six unique categories of hot melt polyamide adhesives: Eco, ExA, Flex, Flex+, Tuff and LPM. These categories provide targeted solutions for all major bonding problems and substrates covering a wide range of industries including automotive, tape, footwear, electronic, medical, packaging, wood assembly, carpet and textiles.

SpiderBond has a global foodprint with team members located in the USA, Canada, China, Korea and Vietnam. SpiderBond has extensive production and sales experience and provides comprehensive after-sales services.

The unique adhesives can be High-temperature & Low-temperature resistence for each individual product.
Strong R&D Ability
We have labs for R&D in China and USA. Our R&D team is creative and reliable, devoted for solving problems and finding solutions.
Cost Effective
We have systematized production facility which can help us to improve the cost effectiveness.
20+ Year Industry Experience
We have extensive experience in the adhesives industry.
We Sell, We Promise
We promise you the best customer service within 24 hours of the sale. We sell, we promise.


We are No.1 Polyamide Hot Melt Adhesives Manufacturer in Asia.


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