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  • Mar
    [Solutions] What role do Petroleum resin C5 and C9 resins play in road marking formulations?
    C5 and C9 petroleum resins each play an important role in road marking formulations.C5 petroleum resin mainly plays the role of tackifier and bonding in road marking paint. Due to its high adhesion characteristics, it can significantly improve the adhesion between the marking paint and the road surf
  • Sep
    [Solutions] Spiderbond Hot Melt Polyamide Adhesive For Shoes Industry
    Spiderbond Hot Melt Polyamide Adhesive For Shoes IndustrySPIDERBOND High Performance Hot Melt Polyamide Adhesive—Shoes Glue USUAGE: Suitable for the shoemaking industry! It can be used for the connection of various materials of shoe sole, heel, toe puff and various decorative accessories etc.SPIDERB
  • Dec
    [Solutions] WEAK BOND PROBLEMS
    Reason 1: open time of the production line is too longSolution: shorten the production line’s open time or extend the open time of adhesiveReason 2: dosage of used adhesive is not enoughSolution:increase the dosage of using adhesiveReason 3: pressure force is weak or hold time is not enoughSolution:
  • Jan
    [Solutions] NO GLUE AT THE SPOUTA
    Reason 1: nozzle has been blocked with carbide or other impuritySolution: clean the nozzle by using solvent,cleaning rod or On/Off switchReason 2: filter screen’s performance is not goodSolution: change the filter screenReason 3: control valve of the vent has been ruinedSolution: change the control
  • Nov
    Reason 1: vents are dirtSolution: clean or change the ventsReason 2: vent’s control valve is ineffective,nozzle closure laxSolution: repair or change the nozzle/control valveReason 3: pressure is not enoughSolution: increase pressureReason 4: nozzle angle is not correctSolution: adjust the angle of


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