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  • Sep
    [Solutions] Spiderbond Hot Melt Polyamide Adhesive For Shoes Industry
    Spiderbond Hot Melt Polyamide Adhesive For Shoes IndustrySPIDERBOND High Performance Hot Melt Polyamide Adhesive—Shoes Glue USUAGE: Suitable for the shoemaking industry! It can be used for the connection of various materials of shoe sole, heel, toe puff and various decorative accessories etc.SPIDERB
  • Dec
    [Solutions] WEAK BOND PROBLEMS
    Reason 1: open time of the production line is too longSolution: shorten the production line’s open time or extend the open time of adhesiveReason 2: dosage of used adhesive is not enoughSolution:increase the dosage of using adhesiveReason 3: pressure force is weak or hold time is not enoughSolution:
  • Jan
    [Solutions] NO GLUE AT THE SPOUTA
    Reason 1: nozzle has been blocked with carbide or other impuritySolution: clean the nozzle by using solvent,cleaning rod or On/Off switchReason 2: filter screen’s performance is not goodSolution: change the filter screenReason 3: control valve of the vent has been ruinedSolution: change the control
  • Nov
    Reason 1: vents are dirtSolution: clean or change the ventsReason 2: vent’s control valve is ineffective,nozzle closure laxSolution: repair or change the nozzle/control valveReason 3: pressure is not enoughSolution: increase pressureReason 4: nozzle angle is not correctSolution: adjust the angle of
  • Jul
    [Solutions] WIRE DRAWING
    Reason 1: Viscosity of the adhesive is too highSolution: switch to low viscosity glueReason 2: gel temperature is too lowSolution: increase the gel temperatureReason 3: nozzle closure laxSolution: repair or change the nozzleReason 4: the nozzle is too far away from the substrate materialSolution: re


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