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Spiderbond Hot Melt Polyamide Adhesive For Shoes Industry

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SPIDERBOND High Performance Hot Melt Polyamide Adhesive-Shoes Glue 

USUAGE: Suitable for the shoemaking industry! 

It can be used for the connection of various materials of shoe sole, heel, toe puff and various decorative accessories etc.

In spiderbond, we strongly recommend the Eco series, Like our Eco 3785, the softening point can be up to 114~124 °C, Melt Viscosity can be 3500-5000cps/mPa s at 190°C.

adhesives ECO3785

In fact, our most series all can be used on Shoes, but why we recommend the Eco 3785, because of the cost.

Eco 3785 is with very competitive price comparing with other Spiderbond series.

SPIDERBOND high performance automotive glue has following advantages:

1). Environmental friendly, doesn't contain any solvent

2).Good flow performance

3).Good flexibility and elongation

4).High adhesive strength

5).Easy to use

6).Resistant to dry cleaning

7).Has good adhesive strength to various materials, such as textile, leather, paper, wood, plastic, metal, ceramic etc. as well as good compatibility with various resins. 


Hot melt adhesives for shoe industries


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