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What role do Petroleum resin C5 and C9 resins play in road marking formulations?

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Petroleum resin C5 and C9 petroleum resins each play an important role in road marking formulations.

C5 petroleum resin mainly plays the role of tackifier and bonding in road marking paint. Due to its high adhesion characteristics, it can significantly improve the adhesion between the marking paint and the road surface, making the markings stronger and less likely to fall off. In addition, C5 petroleum resin also has excellent weather resistance and stability, ensuring that the markings remain clear and durable under various weather conditions.

C9 petroleum resin mainly plays a role in improving the leveling and glossiness of paint. It can improve the fluidity of paint, making it more even when applied and less prone to bubbles or defects. At the same time, C9 petroleum resin can also increase the gloss of the paint, making the markings brighter and eye-catching, and improving road safety.


Therefore, in the formula of road markings, C5 and C9 petroleum resins each play a unique role, jointly ensuring the quality and use effect of the markings. Their combined use can make the road marking paint have excellent adhesion, leveling, gloss and weather resistance, meeting the requirements for road safety use.

It should be noted that the specific formula and usage methods may vary depending on different manufacturers and application scenarios, so actual use needs to be adjusted and optimized according to specific conditions. At the same time, it is also necessary to comply with relevant standards and specifications to ensure the quality and safety of road markings.


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