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Since the polyamide hot melt adhesive is formed by the polymerization of acid amines, there are usually indicators for the acid value and the amine value at the ends, and the acid-amine polymerization reaction is usually terminated by the end of the reaction at the other end. In case the acid-amine value index is low, and the amine value is low, and the high amine value is low, a few cases the two values were closed, a balance reached, and the reaction is terminated.

Due to the presence of polyamines in the raw materials and the high-water absorption of the amines, in the case of long-term storage, they should be stored in a dry and normal environment under waterproof packaging. Friction during transportation makes the polyamide hot melt adhesive easy to generate static electricity, so dust and another possible static ignition or explosion may be avoided in the working environment.


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