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Application examples of hot melt adhesives in the packaging industry

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Hot melt adhesive is a 100% thermoplastic moldable adhesive. It is environmentally friendly and stable in performance and is widely used in the packaging industry. Spiderbond's hot melt adhesives are of high quality, competitive price, sufficient supply and stability, and are widely used in industrial products.

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Advantages of packaging with hot melt adhesive

1. Beautiful and non-affecting printing scheme for packaging;

2. Convenient transportation protection and storage management;

3. Conducive to automation equipment and improve efficiency;

4. Be environmentally friendly, save resources and protect the environment.


APPLICATION ONE: For Attaching Straw to Tetra Pak

Industries involved: milk, juice, beverage industry (mainly Tetra Pak and Ecolean bags)

Common materials: PP bag, cardboard, plastic film

Performance requirements: healthy and environmentally friendly, low odor, low temperature resistance, moderate bonding strength, able to adapt to high speed pipe sticking machine, no blocking machine.



Consideration points:

1) Tetra Pak and Ecolean packaging have different substrate properties;

2) The speed of the packaging line;

3) Storage environment (low temperature resistance).


APPLICATION TWO: For (Automatic) Carton Sealing

Industries involved: mineral water, beverages, beer, milk, cans, medicines, toys, and other carton sealing.

Common materials: corrugated paper, cardboard.

Performance requirements: a certain cohesion and bonding strength; reasonable opening time; able to adapt to automatic coating equipment; with product storage environment, adapt to different temperature changes.



Consideration points:

1) Resilience, folding method and surface anti-breaking strength of corrugated board of different grades;

2) Film on the cardboard surface;

3) Coordination of the opening time, curing time and pressing time of the glue;

4) Carton pressing method (such as fixed type, spring type);

5) Stacking method, loading weight, use temperature and other conditions;

6) Temperature of the filled items


APPLICATION THREE: For Box/ Colored box sealing

Industries invloved: face carton, instant noodles, biscuit boxes, wine, condiments, cigarette boxes, pill boxes, ice cream cones, paper buckets, candy boxes, gift boxes, etc.

Common materials: coated paper, pit paper, white cardboard, kraft paper, cardboard or PP, PET, PVC, PE, etc.

Performance requirements: green, no pollution; suitable opening time, able to adapt to automatic coating equipment; with product storage environment, adapt to different temperature changes.

Consideration points:

1) Paper contact surface: water-based, oily glazing; UV glazing; PE, PP glazing (film coating)

2) Temperature at the filling: eg: soy sauce (about 40 ° C); sweet and spicy sauce (about 50 ~ 70 ° C); vinegar (about 65 ~ 70 ° C); sand tea sauce (90 ° C); oil / lubricant (40 ~60 and 90 °C)

3) Ambient temperature: low temperature storage, high temperature baking, etc.


APPLICATION FOUR: For EPE/ Packaging Positioning

Industries involved: a variety of goods, gifts, fragile packaging materials processing industry.

Common materials: EPE, cardboard, wood, foam board.

Performance requirements: green, no pollution; strong adhesion.

Consideration points: substrates, glue equipment, application environment, etc.

Flex 50-220



Industries involved: packaging printing, bag making industry.

Common materials: bonding paper, pit paper, white cardboard, kraft paper, etc. with fiber, hemp rope, etc.

Performance requirements: high bonding strength, can use the machine to apply glue at high speed.

Consideration points: substrates, glue equipment, bonding area, pressing force, etc.


APPLICATION SIX: For Express/ Courier Bags

Industry involved: courier bags, bubble bags, envelopes, packaging bags, wet wipes boxes and other areas of sealing and sealing.

Common materials: co-extruded film, bubble bag, pearl film, paper, etc.

Performance requirements: soft material creeps without glue and stable performance.

Consideration points: substrate, glue equipment, etc.


APPLICATION SEVEN: For Cosmetics, Gift Box

Industries involved: cosmetic case lens bonding, lipstick bottle, bottle cap and other fields; PP, PET, PVC, PE and other materials bonding field.

Common materials:

1) Plastic materials: PE, foam (EPE), PVC, PE film, PP film/sheet, PET film/sheet, PP corrugated board, PS;

2) Metal: iron can, aluminum can, aluminum foil.

Performance requirements: strong adsorption, stable performance and low odor to the substrate.

Consideration points:: substrates, pressing method, working method, etc.

Flex+ 12082

Regarding the application of hot melt adhesives in the packaging industry, we will talk about it here. If you want to know more about hot melt adhesives, please feel free to contact us. Spiderbond is always there!

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