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Application of hot melt adhesive in automobiles

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With environmental environmental protection and consumer requirements for automotive interior air quality, coupled with hot melt adhesives with fast curing characteristics. As an environmentally-friendly hot melt adhesive, it is widely used in the bonding of components such as automotive roofing, automotive door panels, automotive carpets, and automotive wiring harnesses, tire protection, car labels, automotive filter, car lights and bridge dashboard in automobile manufacturing.

PA hot melt adhesive


Here, let's introduce the hot melt adhesives used in the four automotive applications.


Nowadays, hot melt adhesives, which are widely used in the combination of automobile roofs and other heat insulation and soundproofing layers of the vehicle body, are usually synthetic rubber type hot melt pressure sensitive adhesives or polyamide hot melt adhesives. This type of hot melt adhesive has good low temperature resistance, low odor, low VOC, fast curing, environmental protection and non-toxic, no volatile substances, and requires special hot melt adhesive coating equipment, suitable for automated production.


Bonding of the door panel to the rubber sealing strip. Part of this bonding is automated robotic operation, which is bonded with hot melt adhesive. This bonding requirement places special emphasis on whether the hot melt adhesive retains adhesion at -40 and 108 degrees, and the Spiderbond Polyamide Hot Melt Flex+ 8077 model is widely used for this purpose.


Hot melt adhesive for automotive filters. Today's cars have large differences in size and variety of brands. The power system can be divided into gasoline, diesel, liquefied gas, and battery types. The filters used are also different. A car usually requires four filters, an engine air filter, an air conditioner filter, a fuel filter, and an oil filter. The filter is a consumable item, which is usually replaced once when the car is running for 5000 km. In the manufacture of filters, bonding is required in many places, and most of these bonding requires the use of hot melt adhesives. However, the glue used in the filter is also different. The glue for oil and gasoline is mostly PA polyamide hot melt adhesive, while the air filter uses many types of hot melt adhesives such as EVA, PA and PO.



Hot melt adhesives have so many uses in the automotive industry. It can be seen that its role is so great. There are many examples of hot melt adhesive applications in life. Can you observe them?


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