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Bubble Phenomenon When Producing Hot Melt Adhesive

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In the process of producing hot melt glue, bubbles are generated. What causes this? Next we will answer for you.


The hot melt polyamide glue is generally melted by a hot melt glue machine, and passes through the sol, and the state of the colloid becomes a liquid, which can be applied by coating, spraying, and squeezing.

hot melt adhesive


In the process of melting the melter, sometimes bubbles appear. The reason for the general occurrence of bubbles may be that the colloid itself has bubbles, there are bubbles after melting, or the colloid contains moisture, and bubbles are easily generated when heated. In addition, the hot melt adhesive may also cause the colloid to be destroyed due to high temperature, and gas is generated after decomposition, resulting in the generation of bubbles.


Therefore, the hot melt adhesive should be used to control the temperature during use. The equipment should be cleaned regularly to prevent carbon deposits and to avoid damage to the colloid caused by excessive local temperature and affect the performance of the hot melt adhesive.


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