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Common phone case polymer materials

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    The development of smartphones and tablets has driven the development of the entire industry chain. Protective cases have developed with the development of smartphones and tablets. In order to meet the needs of users, major manufacturers have produced a large number of mobile phone protective cases product.

Mobile phone case is an important mobile phone accessory that can protect and decorate your phone. There are many kinds of materials for mobile phone protective shells. Til now, the most common protective shells in the market are silicone, TPU, PC, TPE+PC. Let's take a look at the characteristics and differences of various materials of protective shells.

1. Silicone

    Many mobile phone protective shells are made of soft rubber material protective shells. The soft rubber material has better shock absorption performance and can play a better role in protecting the mobile phone. Silicone is a common soft rubber phone case material.

    Silicone has excellent resilience, good low temperature resistance, comfortable and smooth touch, non-toxic and tasteless, top environmental protection, and good color matching. Silicone protective cases are the representative of mid-to-high-end mobile phone cases. Usually the material hardness is 60~80A.

    The lack of silica gel texture is thicker, less style, easy to be greasy, and the fit with the machine body is slightly poor. At the same time, the material with a slightly poorer material is easy to get ash and ash, the production and processing cycle is long, and the material is difficult to recycle.


2. TPU

    TPU can be said to be the most widely used mobile phone case material. TPU has excellent resilience, no deformation, good low temperature resistance, non-toxic and tasteless, environmentally friendly material, with good color matching, excellent adhesion, low viscosity, good flex resistance, excellent wear resistance, high Gloss, excellent weather resistance and so on.

    The price of TPU material is relatively affordable, the production and processing are convenient, the processing and molding cycle is short, and the secondary material can be recycled and reused. The common hardness range is 85~95 degrees. The disadvantage of the TPU mobile phone case is that it feels relatively stiff, easy to deform, and lacks the soft touch of silicone.

    TPU can have high transparency, which is not provided by silicone. Due to the transparent characteristics of TPU, it can be processed into different patterns and grades, so TPU is more popular in such applications.


3. PC

    PC mobile phone case material has good light transmittance, strong hardness, anti-drop, light and thin, good strength and toughness. The disadvantage is that it is not resistant to scratches, strong acids, strong alkalis, and ultraviolet rays. The PC protective case is different from the silicone and TPU protective cases. It is hard. The PC plastic has good toughness and good light transmittance. The pure PC plastic has pure transparent, transparent black, transparent blue and other colors, but more prone to scratches.


4. TPE

    The composite material mobile phone case is usually a combination of soft plastic and hard plastic. Usually, the soft plastic TPE is bonded to the surface of hard plastic (such as PC, PC+ABS, etc.) by means of secondary injection molding (or two-color injection molding). The mobile phone case has the dual characteristics of rigidity and flexibility.

    There are two common types of mobile phone cases: frame type mobile phone case and integral structure mobile phone case. Composite mobile phone cases usually use TPE with a hardness of 65-70 degrees. In addition, the adhesion between TPE and PC, PC+ABS is an important consideration. In addition to TPE composite PC-type mobile phone cases, there are also TPE composite TPU mobile phone cases, which improve the shortcomings of TPU material with excellent elasticity but poor touch.



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