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Current status of automotive adhesive sealants

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The largest amount of adhesives and sealants are used in the wood processing, construction and light industry. Although the amount of adhesives used in automobiles has increased significantly with the improvement of the manufacturing process level, even in countries with developed automobile manufacturing, the amount of glue used in automobile production accounts for only 3% to 5 of the total output of adhesives and sealants.

 EXA 76-380

Although adhesives and sealants are only auxiliary materials in the automobile manufacturing process, the application of such materials can simplify the production process, save the use of materials, and increase the strength of components. Especially in the anti-vibration, heat insulation, anti-corrosion, anti-rust, anti-loose, leak-proof, reduce noise, reduce weight, improve car comfort and safety and other aspects have a special role. Adhesives and sealants have become indispensable materials in the production of modern automotive industry.


With the improvement of the level of automobile manufacturing technology, the adoption of new materials and new technologies, and the improvement of customers' requirements for economy and comfort of automobiles, new varieties of adhesives and sealants and new technologies are increasingly used in automobiles widely.

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Automotive adhesive sealants can be classified according to the different automobile manufacturing processes:


1. Automobile body adhesive sealant

(1) Adhesive sealant for body welding, including spot weld adhesive, hemming adhesive, reinforced anti-vibration adhesive, and finger pressure sealant.

(2) Adhesive sealant for body coating line, including weld sealant, stone-resistant, heat-insulating damping coating.

(3) Anti-vibration and heat-insulating damping rubber sheets.


2. Adhesive sealant for automotive interiors

(1) Adhesives for the roof, door and trunk lid of the door.

(2) Adhesive for door waterproofing membrane.

(3) Adhesives and sealants for window glass.

(4) Adhesives and sealants for car floor.

(5) Adhesives and sealants for plastic body.


3. Engine and chassis assembly adhesive sealant

(1) Various types of liquid sealant

(2) Anaerobic sealant


4. Adhesive sealant for other parts of automobiles

(1) Adhesive for brake pads and clutch plates.

(2) Adhesive sealant for automotive lighting.

(3) Adhesive sealant for automotive filters.

(4) Sealant for automobile fuel tank.

(5) Impregnation plugging agent.

(6) Adhesives and tapes for nameplates and decorative strips.

(7) Adhesives for parts such as car horns.

(8) Adhesive for the inner door of the car door.

(9) Adhesive for rubber-metal composite parts.

(10) Adhesive for the sealing strip manufacturing process.


5. Adhesive sealant for automotive manufacturing process

(1) Pressure-sensitive adhesive tape for painting protection and assembly.

(2) Adhesives for molds and tools.

(3) Casting resin.

(4) Other process adhesives.

(5) Adhesives for repair.

EXA 76-381


Spiderbond hot melt polyamide adhesive is suitable for automobile industry. Polyamide adhesive has both high softening point(over 110°C) and great low temperature resistance(-45°C lowest), good adhesion to different materials, green strength, so it is very suitable to automobile application. Tuff series has very good high temperature resistance and chemical resistance, has been applied to automobile air filter and oil filter. Flex+ series is doing good in automotive body and interiors. Flex+ 8077, because of its high softening point and good low temperature resistance, especially excellent high/low temperature cycling, has been widely used in automobile roof.

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