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Different Materials of Hot Melt Adhesive Powder

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Hot melt adhesive powder is powder form hot melt adhesive, crush hot melt adhesive granule into powder through processes such as grinding and low-temperature pulverization.


The use of rubber powder can be done manually or by machine, but large-scale production usually better reflects its high production efficiency. The most common methods of using hot melt adhesive powder are the dusting process and the powder point process.


Regular hot melt adhesive powder materials are TPU, co-polyamide, co-polyester and EVA, the main advantage of the adhesive powder is its powder form, so adhesive powder can be directly dispersed on the surface of the substrate by a powder spreader, and the bonding process can be completed in a short time by heating and pressing, or finished by baking, no need to heat and melt into liquid before use.

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Different materials of hot melt adhesive powder have different characteristics:


1. Co-polyester adhesive powder is widely used in interlining. Because co-polyester hot melt adhesive has high hardness, the use of high hardness co-polyester adhesive powder in shirt collars and cuffs can play a very good support.

In the meantime, copolyester is waterproof, so copolyester material hot melt adhesive can be used in lots of textile, such as bed sheets, honeycomb blinds, thermal transfer printing, etc.

COPES material hot melt adhesive has strong adhesion to PC and PVC materials, so COPES adhesive powder it is very popular in PC and PVC based heat transfer film and lettering film.

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2. Co-polyamide adhesive powder is often used in suits. Co-polyamide hot melt adhesives also has high hardness, which plays a very good supporting role in suits that require a three-dimensional look. The performance of strong solvent resistance is also the co-polyamide hot melt adhesive without fear of dry cleaning.

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3. TPU material hot melt adhesive has strong adhesion to PET, PVC, TPU materials, so TPU adhesive powder it is very popular in PET, PVC, TPU based heat transfer film and lettering film.

High elasticity TPU adhesive powder is often used in the production of seamless underwear. The seamless underwear made of high-elasticity TPU can eliminate elastic bands, compare with the traditional sewing process, the thread is less, which improves the aesthetics and reduces the labor cost is reduced. 

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4. In most situation, the cost of EVA is lower than other materials, and EVA has relatively high adhesion to most textile substrates, so it has a wide range of applications, but the adhesion strength is not very high. Most EVA has a relatively low thermal activation temperature, so the EVA hot melt adhesive powder is not resistant to high temperature; the water washing resistance is also relatively poor, and the glue may open after multiple washings. Therefore, EVA hot melt adhesive powder is usually used in products or disposable textiles that do not require very high bond strength.

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Adhesive powder is most commonly used in heat transfer processes, especially in producing heat transfer film, it provides the adhesion of heat transfer film. Adhesive powder is also very popular in producing suits and interlinings.


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