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Environmental Protection Hot Melt Adhesive Without Solvent

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As we known that Solvents can harm the environment and our ecosystem in a number of ways:

(1) Soil pollution The solvent dissolved in the soil eventually contaminates the groundwater. Plants and animals die, and solvent waste can contaminate drinking water.

(2) Water pollution dispersion (emulsion) adhesives cause special problems when entering the environment. Wastes released by solvent-based adhesives do not readily dissolve in water. Solvent contamination in water can also harm wildlife.

(3) Air pollution Inhalation of solvent-borne smoke poses serious health risks, including asthma and lung disease. Solvents that enter the body are usually stored in the adipose tissue of the brain and have an adverse effect on health.

Considering the environmental requirement of most of countries in world, more and more customers tend to choose the hot melt adhesives.

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Hot melt adhesives produce little pollution and have no effect on the environment. Unlike solvent-based adhesives, you don't need any special ventilation and are not flammable. Therefore, governments, regulators and environmental organizations all support the use of hot melt adhesives on solvent-based products. Preferential policies formulated by governments around the world will continue to help increase the use of hot melt adhesives, and the market share of hot melt adhesives is expected to come at the expense of solvent based adhesives. For example, the raw materials of Spiderbond hot melt polyamide adhesive is fatty acid based on plant residue extraction. Environmental-friendly, non-toxic and good green strength.

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