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Hot Melt Adhesive Common Application Problems and Solutions

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Spiderbond hot melt polyamide adhesive is a plastic adhesive that changes its physical state with temperature over a certain temperature range. It is non-toxic and low-odor and belongs to environmentally friendly chemicals. Today we will analyze some of the common problems in the use of our soluble polyamide hot melt adhesive and their solutions.

hot melt pa adhesive ExA 76-380


1. Hot melt adhesive is not sticky.


There are many reasons why hot melt adhesives are not sticky. It depends on what factors affect their performance. Temperature is one of the most common reasons.


As the weather turns cold, the glue tends to solidify when the material is bonded. Even if it is not cured, it misses the best adhesion. Even in some northern regions, the temperature of the material is quite low, resulting in an unsatisfactory adhesion.


Since the hot melt adhesive has certain requirements on the temperature to be used, it is necessary to adjust the use temperature according to the product parameters.


How can we improve the adhesion? The material can be preheated and heated by a tunnel or infrared to enhance adhesion.


2. There is a problem of adhesive drawing.


(1) Curing time of hot melt adhesive.

The curing time of the hot melt adhesive is very important for the production of the adhesive drawing phenomenon. In principle, the curing time is short, and the probability of producing the adhesive drawing is low. Because the filament formed when the hot melt adhesive is sprayed out of the muzzle, due to the rapid solidification, it cannot continue to be elongated, and it is easy to break, and sometimes the filament is not pulled out.


(2) The influence of machine temperature.

The temperature is too low, so that the consistency of the glue itself is increased, and the adhesive drawing phenomenon occurs.


Low adhesion and adhesive wire drawing are common application problems for general hot melt adhesives, and detailed analysis is required for different reasons to obtain a detailed solution. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Spiderbond and we will be happy to answer your questions!


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