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Hot melt adhesives makes the world a quiet place

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The infinite charm of hot melt adhesives makes the world a quiet place

No matter it is home floor decoration, office, business, or a good environment has many indicators. The quality of single sound is undoubtedly one of the hard indicators. Spiderbond is committed to creating a comfortable and beautiful environment for users.

Amber color adhesives

Walking on hard laminate flooring often makes loud noises, especially at night, which makes people feel uncomfortable. In order to prevent moisture and noise from bringing a comfortable home environment, according to some of our Russian, European and American customers In response to these requirements, the Flex + series is specially launched for floor sound insulation. It is light yellow and transparent, with strong adhesion and good weather resistance (especially in the face of such cold climates in Northern Europe, and will not lose its stickiness and cracking). It is easy to construct and meets customers The performance requirements of Flex + are verified through the cabinets sent to Northern Europe.

Spiderbond is a hot-melt adhesive company that always aims at "environmental protection". Our mission at Spiderbond is to create value for our customers through the development of high performance adhesives while also supporting the growth of environmentally friendly sustainable chemistry.


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