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Introduction of Adhesive Film and Web

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    Hot melt adhesive film and hot melt adhesive Web are special forms of hot melt adhesives. Based on their form, they have the characteristics of convenient use and they are becoming more and more popular in the textile industry.

About hot melt adhesive film

    Normally, heat and melt the hot-melt adhesive particles of TPU, co-polyamide, co-polyester, and EVA into a film by casting, blow molding, etc. Film form hot melt adhesive is more convenient to use than glue powder and granule. It is only necessary to take a suitable glue film and place it in the middle of the substrate according to the size of the substrate to be bonded, heat and press to complete the bonding, even only need an electric iron to complete


About hot melt adhesive web

    The adhesive web is a hot melt adhesive in non-woven form. Similar to the adhesive film, this product is made by melting TPU, co-polyamide, co-polyester, EVA materials, and made into non-woven form web by melt blown process. This product can be regarded as a substitute for the adhesive film product, also has the advantage of easily use. Many textiles require air permeability, while the glue powder and glue film are usually coated on the surface of the substrate. The structure of the woven hot melt adhesive net is relatively loose, which is suitable for the bonding of some textiles and the lamination of breathable garments where the bonding strength is not particularly high. At the same time, compared with hot melt adhesive film, the production of hot melt adhesive mesh uses less material, so the cost and price are lower than that of hot melt adhesive film, which can be used as a low-cost alternative


    Hot melt adhesive web and hot melt adhesive films with different substrates have different properties. Take common EVA, Ccopolyester, copolyamide and TPU as examples. EVA material is suitable for most of the textiles on the market, but its high temperature resistance and bonding strength will not. Very high, COPES material is waterproof and has high adhesion to most textiles, as well as PC and PVC materials, but the disadvantage is poor flexibility and elasticity; COPA material has high strength and high chemical resistance, in the reflective clothing layer This product is suitable for most textiles, but the cost is high; TPU has good transparency, water resistance and elasticity, and has high bonding strength to most textiles and PET, PVC, TPU materials , but the disadvantage is that it is not very good resistant to chemicals and high temperatures.

    Therefore, when choosing the adhesive film and adhesive web, we should comprehensively consider the final product needs, choose the appropriate material and thickness/basis weight, so as to achieve the best bonding effect.


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