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Precautions for using hot melt adhesive

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Pay attention to the following during the process of using solvent adhesive glue.


1. Use within the recommended temperature.

2. Do not mix different types of hot melt adhesives.

3. Keep the environment around the hot melt machine clean and keep the air flowing.

4. When adding materials or maintaining hot melt adhesive, wear gloves, safety mask or glasses. Carefully put in when feeding, so as to avoid splashing of high temperature liquid, resulting in burns.

5. Take care to prevent high temperature molten liquid from splashing when adding materials.

6. Prepare a bucket of cold water next to the melter for emergency burns.

7. Place the melter as far as possible in the machine visible to the naked eye.

8. The machine should be placed in a location that is convenient for workers to operate.


There are many kinds of solvent based PA adhesive on the market. Different industries use different types of solvent based PA glue. When using hot melt machines, you must choose the right hot melt adhesive. Otherwise, it will not only play the role of hot melt equipment, but also affect the production of the company.


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