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Problems and Solutions for Hot Melt Adhesive Application(Part I)

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We have some common problems in the process of producing PA adhesive glue. How are they caused? Next we will share some solutions for you.


Glue solidified in advance


Often it is because the amount of glue is too small, or the temperature setting is not suitable.

Consequence: bad adhesion and bonding strength.


Curing speed is too slow


Often because of too much glue, the temperature/pump pressure is too high, the nozzle diameter is too large, and the pressure of the packaging machine is not uniform.

Consequences: bad adhesion and bonding strength/cost of glue increased.


Nozzle or pipe blockage



The adhesive glue is too viscous to produce carbide or gel. There is a foreign body in the melt reactor.


1. Increase the temperature or take a low viscosity hot melt adhesive;

2. Clean the glue system or reduce the temperature and change the glue;

3. Clean the melt reactor and standardize to add glue.


Glue drops out or flow out


Cause: The nozzle is dirty and damaged. There are foreign objects and wear in the nozzle valve. Solenoid valve installation is loose and leaking. The pressure is unstable and under pressure.


1. Clean the nozzle.

2. Repair or replace.

3. Reinstall and confirm.

4. Reset and check to meet the requirements.

hot melt glue


Hot melt adhesives have many other common problems in the production process. Friends who want to continue to know, we will see you next week!


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