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Problems and solutions for hot melt adhesive application(Part II)

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Let's move on to the previous article to discuss common problems and solutions for hot melt adhesives.

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Polyamide Glue Produces Splash


Cause: The glue pressure is too high, the temperature is too high, the viscosity is too low, the nozzle position is incorrect.


1. Adjust the air pressure of the hot melt glue machine and the glue pump to reduce the pressure.

2. Reduce the temperature.

3. Reduce the temperature and reduce the distance between the gun and the object.

4. Change the nozzle position.


Polyamide Adhesive Carbonization


Reason: The temperature of the hot melt caldron is too high, hot melt adhesive is oxidized and carbonized in the side wall. The temperature control range is too large so out of control.


1. Fill the glue in the glue cylinder and add glue according to the technical documents.

2. Cover the lid of the hot melt caldron.

3. Repair or replace.

4. Reduce the temperature.


Hot Melt Gel


Reason: Two kinds of incompatible glues are mixed, overheated, and hot melt adhesive is unstable.


1. Clean the hot melt caldron, standardize the change of glue, find suppliers.

2. Reduce the temperature, clean the hot melt caldron, find suppliers.

3. Clean the hot melt caldron and find a supplier.


Bubbles In Hot Melt Adhesive


Reason: The vacuum of the hot melt adhesive is not completed, and the production process is not matched with the packaging.

Solution: Contact the supplier and change the glue.


Unstable Spray Pattern


Cause: The light-sensitive object and control are not adjusted well, the setting temperature is not accurate, and the nozzle is not clean and damaged.


1. Readjust.

2. Contact the supplier to set the correct temperature.

3. Cleaning, overhaul, and replacement.


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