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Reflective Film Back Glue TPU Hot Melt Adhesive Film 9101F

Reflective Film Back Glue, TPU Hot Melt Adhesive, Highly elastic adhesive film
  • 9101F

  • Spiderbond

  • 3506.9190


TPU Film Adhesive



Spiderbond 9101F web adhesive is a film form hot melt adhesive produced based on TPU. Film adhesives handle like a fabric facilitating both intermittent and continuous processes. The TPU film is available in a range of thickness from 50 to 250 micron.

9101F film adhesive is based upon high performance TPU. This product has soft hand feel, good elasticity, low working temperature, fast crystallization speed and high peel strength, suitable for the bonding in textile, leather composite, PVC materials, assault seamless pocket, seamless underwear, embroidered chapter gum, shoes and hats pressure, handicrafts, reflective materials, automotive interior, conductive cloth and other substrates.



VOC free adhesive in easy handle film form.

Strong bonding strength and good anti-washing performance.

Soft hand feel, good elasticity.


Material properties:


Detail or Method



By eye

Transparent or   translucent film





50-250, tolerance   ±10%

Melting range

DSC, °C, GB/T   19466.3


Melt Flow Index

g/10min@160C, ISO   1133



g/cm³, GB/T13354-1992


Water Wash   Temperature





9101F web adhesives are sold in roll form, pack in carton.

For further packaging details please contact our salesperson.


Shelf Life: 

9101F should be shipped and stored at temperatures 10-35°C. The shelf life of 9101F is one year since production date under these conditions.

Directions for Using:

9101F can be activated with any of the following techniques: electric fusing press, heated rolls, heated air, radiant heat, or steam press. Dry heat activation recommend above 80°C.

Bonding Surface Preparation: Bonded surfaces need to be clean, dry and free of grease.

Preparation: Set the appropriate temperature for the glue applicator/roller, too high temperature will cause the film to decompose. According to the structure of the equipment, it is generally enough to adjust the process reasonably to reach 130 °C. In general, preheating the material to be bonded is more conducive to material bonding, especially in cold weather.

Flat pressing

Temperature: 120-140°C

Pressure: 0.2-0.6Mpa

Time: 5-20s

Complex machine

Temperature: 120-170°C

Roller speed: 3-15m/min


It is recommended to use it once after opening the package.

In order to achieve the best bonding effect, the bonded product should preferably be cold-pressed and stored at a suitable temperature (for example: 25°C). In general, the bonding strength can be achieved by cooling to room temperature after bonding. Generally, it is considered to be stable after 1 hour, and the best bonding strength is achieved after 24 hours. Due to the difference between the adhered material and the gluing equipment, please select the appropriate thickness of the adhesive film and adjust the process parameters appropriately.


Health & Safety Precautions

The Safety Data Sheet should be consulted for proper handling, clean up and spill containment before use. Keep containers covered to minimize contamination.

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