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Sealing adhesive for automotive power system

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According to statistics, at present, each car in China uses about 20kg of glue, about 16kg for medium-sized cars and 22kg for heavy-duty cars. It is estimated that by 2020, the total demand for various types of adhesives and sealants in China's automobile industry will reach 300,000 tons.


Next, let's introduce the sealing adhesive used in the power system of the car.

sealing adhesive


The bonding parts of the automotive power system mainly include the fastening and sealing of the screw and the bolt, and the sealing of the cylinder gasket. In the automotive industry, more anaerobic adhesives are used for screw fastening and locking, joint fixing, plane bonding, pipe and flange sealing and pinhole sealing, which can solve the problem of anti-loose, leak-proof, etc. It also simplifies the assembly process.


sealing adhesives

Various types of anaerobic adhesives are mainly used for the buckling of the engine in the automobile power system, the fastening of various bolts, the sealing of the pipeline and the flat seal. The sand hole generated during engine casting is infiltrated and sealed by water glass, and the effect is poor, and the high temperature anaerobic adhesive infiltration can obtain a good sealing effect. High strength anaerobic adhesive, can be used for engine cylinder head and transmission studs, as well as rarely removed bolts, collective body, connecting bolts on the differential housing, circular shaft gear and differential fixing bolts reinforcement and sealing. In addition, automotive gaskets do not guarantee sealing performance and geometric accuracy of the jointed parts, while anaerobic adhesives for flat sealing can solve these problems. Low-strength anaerobic adhesives can be used for easy-to-remove parts.

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