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Spiderbond high performance adhesives for electronics

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Spiderbond high performance adhesives — for electronics

Spiderbond hot melt polyamide adhesives provide good adhesion for PCB board, USB drive, consumer electronics, sensors, microswitch and antennas, automobile wiring and connectors, etc.

 hot melt adhesives for electronics

Polyamide Hot melt Adhesives are made into pellets, glue film, hot melt tape, glue stick, glue string for different application methods. It’s popular in all walks of life. You can see it everywhere in your daily life, such as your mobile phone, computer, iPad, USD drive, etc. It provides excellent performance on both high and low temperature resistance. It has good adhesion to plastics, including PVC, PP and acrylic. It can be applied by automatic high speed glue applicator. We will be happy to recommend you good glue applicator to choose. It is our goal to give you best customer experience.


We are No.1 Polyamide Hot Melt Adhesives Manufacturer in Asia.


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