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Technical Traits of Hot Melt Adhesive

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Hot melt adhesive uses a hot melt machine to be melt by heating. The glue after melt becomes a liquid, which is sent to the surface of the bonded object through the throat of the hot melt glue machine and the spray gun, and the hot melt adhesive got cool down, the bonding is completed.

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1, fast work, the entire bonding process can be completed in 1-3 seconds (even faster). Of course, we have different codes which can be applicated to different condition in a wide open time range.

2. The production cost per unit of product is the cheapest. We recommend our Eco Series.

3. Hot melt adhesives has no disposal of waste. It meets environmental protection requirements and meets the packaging requirements for export products.

4. Hot melt adhesive it has anti-theft effect, confirm whether the packaged object has been opened by others.

5. It can adjust different spray methods to play a role in identification and anti-counterfeiting.


Hot melt adhesive It is a polymer product that does not require solvent, water content, and 100% solid fusibility. It is solid at normal temperature, and is heated and melted to a certain extent to become a fluid and sticky liquid.

Hot melt adhesive It is a 100% solid that melts into a molten state. It contacts the air and solidifies on the cold surface, and just takes a few seconds to complete the work. The main advantages compared with solvent adhesives and water-based adhesives are as follows:

1. Instantly, to ensure efficient production.

2. no need to dry equipment, save space.

3. non-toxic, non-flammable, pollution-free public health.

4. long-term storage, will not deteriorate.


In the future, under the globalization trend of the hot melt adhesive industry, the demand will be more diversified, and the gradually large-scale hot melt adhesive enterprises will also have sufficient strength to do basic research, so as to obtain in the market. Advantages, therefore, the development of technology is almost inevitable.

1.High strength hot melt adhesive

Bond strength is the core performance of the glue. Hot melt adhesives are intended to be applied to some applications where the strength is extremely high, especially in the case of large structural stresses.

Strong polarity and good permeability are often the characteristics of adhesives that can achieve high bond strength. Since hot melt adhesives have no solvent, fluidity and permeability are short plates, and the bonding strength of hot melt adhesives should be improved. Start with the polarity and permeability of hot melt adhesives.

2. High speed hot melt adhesive

The high efficiency of hot melt adhesives is well recognized because it can be hardened by the cooling of the hot melt adhesive to form a bond. The cigarette stick can be glued at a speed of 20,000 pcs/min, bookbinding can reach 18,000 copies/hour, and diaper production can reach 1000/min.

In the future, it is possible to further increase the working speed of hot melt adhesive application and expand this advantage, mainly from speeding up the hardening speed, improving the hot tack, reducing the specific heat of the material, and optimizing the equipment.

3. Low temperature hot melt adhesive

The sizing temperature is one of the most concerned issues for material engineers. The low sizing temperature not only reduces material damage, extends equipment life, saves energy, but also reduces the carbon emissions. Therefore, low temperature hot melt Glue will definitely be a promising research direction.

4. Low density hot melt adhesive

In many cases, reducing material density to achieve weight reduction has many advantages, such as reducing energy consumption and saving resources. The bonding strength of the adhesive is actually more dependent on the bonding area, rather than the weight of the glue itself, which makes the low-density hot-melt adhesive a reliable research direction.

Achieving low density can be achieved not only by improving the material density (eg, using polyolefin-based materials), but also by manufacturing processes such as foaming hot melt adhesives.

5. Odorless hot melt adhesive

Under the situation that people pay more and more attention to health, especially in the automotive, sanitary materials, food, toys, furniture and other industries, odorless hot melt adhesive is the best product to reduce the doubts of end consumers.

Odorless is achieved through improvements in raw materials, minimizing small molecular substances, and using low-odor or even odorless raw materials such as hydrogenated rosin esters.

Spiderbond polyamide hot melt adhesive has quite light smell, non-harmful for health.

6. Composite hot melt adhesive

Through special molding process, the hot melt adhesive is made into a film-like, mesh-like, strip-shaped, linear material, which will become a trend of hot melt adhesive. Nowadays, the market of hot melt adhesive film, hot melt adhesive mesh film, hot melt adhesive tape and hot melt adhesive tape is growing rapidly. Such hot melt adhesive materials are compounded with other materials, which is more conducive to the downstream enterprises to achieve large-scale production and clean production. .

7. Degradable hot melt adhesive

Environmental protection is a major trend, and environmental protection is also a relative concept. Although hot melt adhesives are environmentally friendly, this means it is non-harmful for human body, not so environmentally friendly at the recycling or degradable level. In the future, if you can develop hot melt adhesive products that are easy to recycle or can be naturally degraded, there is bound to be a better development prospect.

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