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The basic concept of hot melt adhesive

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Hot melt adhesive is an important category in the adhesive industry. It has 100% solid content, no solvent, environmental protection, non-toxicity and fast curing. It is widely used in automatic packaging, sanitary products, label tape, medical, automotive, construction, furniture, Printing, binding, footwear, clothing and other industries. Usually it means to exhibit a solid state at room temperature. When heated to a certain temperature, it melts into a viscous liquid. After coating and wetting the adherend, after pressing, cooling to room temperature, bonding is completed in a few seconds.

hot melt adhesive


The hot melt adhesive is composed of main resin such as EVA, PA, PO, synthetic rubber, etc., according to the production process, the raw materials such as tackifying resin, diluent, antioxidant are heated and melted, and fully stirred and prepared. Widely used in many industries such as automotive, construction, packaging, printing and binding, marking tape, and sanitary products. It can be said that hot melt adhesives have been applied in all aspects of people's lives. There are hot melt adhesives in eating, wearing, living, using, traveling and playing.

hot melt adhesive for packing, foil stamping


Hot melt adhesives are available in a variety of shapes, such as sticks, granules, flakes, columns, powders, membranes, nets, spheres, pillows, etc. The colors are red, yellow, white, black, blue, and purple, etc. There are pressure sensitive hot melt adhesives, non-pressure sensitive hot melt adhesives, plastic hot melt adhesives, and reactive, non-plastic hot melt adhesives. From the main material of hot melt adhesive can be divided into EVA hot melt adhesive, PA hot melt adhesive, PE polyester hot melt adhesive, PO hot melt adhesive, SEC hot melt pressure sensitive adhesive, TPU hot melt adhesive, PUR hot melt adhesive. Different main materials hot melt adhesives have their own characteristics, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. For example, the most widely used EVA hot melt adhesive has obvious limitations in high temperature resistance, such as PUR hot melt adhesive with the strongest adhesion, but not thermoplastic material. It can not be used repeatedly, and the cost is high, and it needs a high-priced rubber coating equipment.


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