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The shelving time of hot melt adhesive

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The shelving time of the high quality hot melt adhesive also needs to be well grasped, which will affect its bonding performance. So what is the open assembly time?


Shelving time means a period of rest time after gluing, the liquid hot melt adhesive can still workable and could maintain a good bonding strength after curing.


Over this period of time, the bonding performance is greatly reduced, and even can not be glued. This is an important process performance of high quality PA granule. The main factors affecting the shelving time are hot melt adhesive specific heat, coating temperature, glue amount, glue application method, ambient temperature, type of material to be bonded, preheating temperature of the bonded material and thermal conductivity. In actual use, the glue should be pressed quickly after the glue is applied, that is, the shelving time should be shortened as much as possible to ensure the quality of the glue.


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