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Thermal Stability Of Hot Melt Adhesive

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Thermal stability is the performance of PA soluble granule against oxidation and thermal decomposition under prolonged heating. It is an important indicator to measure the heat resistance of glue.


Although the antioxidant is added to the polyamide soluble granule, it has a certain effect. However, if it is used at a high temperature for a long time, even if an antioxidant is added, oxidation and thermal decomposition cannot be prevented. Therefore, it is necessary to determine the amount of melt glue and the heat melting time of the glue according to the thermal stability of the glue, and to design the capacity of the melt tank.


The stability of PA Hot melt granule depends mainly on the heat resistance of the components. In general, there are many cases where the thermal stability is poor due to the tackifier in the components.


Thermal stability is generally measured by the maximum amount of time that the glue at the temperature of use does not oxidize and the viscosity change is within 10%. If it can go through 50-70h, the thermal stability is good.


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