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What can it do--polyamide hot melt adhesive

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High molecular weight polyamide hot melt adhesive: good fluidity, high bonding strength, dry cleaning, water washing; Low molecular weight polyamide hot melt adhesive: good strength and toughness, most of the performance is better than EVA hot melt adhesive.

Under normal circumstances, polyamide hot melt adhesive softening point can be from about 100°C to more than 200°C, it can withstand low temperatures to -40°C, high-temperature resistance can reach 200°C, at normal temperature, the specific gravity is usually 0.97.

The basic color of polyamide hot melt adhesive is amber (yellow), but it can usually be changed to black by adding carbon black, white color is added by adding titanium white powder, and some uncommon cases are added to other pigments and converted into other colors. Color-changing polyamide hot melt adhesives are commonly used in special applications such as low-pressure injection molding processes.


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