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What is high temperature / low temperature hot melt adhesive?

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High temperature hot melt adhesive


The composition of high-temperature hot-melt adhesive is high temperature resistance hot-melt adhesive, mainly based on polyamide resin as the main matrix, so high-temperature hot-melt adhesive is also called polyamide hot melt adhesive.


hot melt adhesive

Polyamide resin is a linear thermoplastic resin with many repeating amide groups in the main chain of the molecule. Compared with other thermoplastic resins, it has a remarkable feature that when it is heated and cooled, the resin melts and solidifies. Occurs in a narrow temperature range. This feature allows the polyamide hot melt adhesive to be rapidly solidified by heating and melt coating after being melted and applied, and it can also have good bonding performance at a temperature close to the softening point.


Since the hydrogen on the amide group of the polyamide resin can bond with the electron-donating carbonyl group on the other amide group segment to form a strong hydrogen bond, the melting point of the resin is increased, thereby having good flexibility, oil resistance and Bonding performance. These properties increase as the molecular weight of the resin increases, and the polyamide hot melt adhesive has a higher softening point than the ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer hot melt adhesive, so that heat resistance is better.


The molecular weight of the polyamide resin currently used as a matrix for a high temperature resistant hot melt adhesive is generally in the range of from 1,000 to 9000. Polyamide resin used as a hot melt adhesive matrix, mainly composed of dimers of unsaturated fatty acids (such as linoleic acid, soybean oil, tung oil, etc.) and diamines (such as ethylenediamine, propylenediamine, and already Amine, etc.) obtained by polycondensation.


When the polyamide resin is synthesized, different diamines are used, and the obtained resin has a different molecular weight, and thus the softening point is also different. At present, a method of mixing ethylenediamine and diamine has been widely used.


High temperature resistance hot-melt adhesive is mainly made of a polyamide resin which is directly copolymerized with a dibasic acid by a dibasic acid, and then modified, pulverized, etc., and does not pass nitrile or hydrogenation during processing. Process such as neutralization, which simplifies the production process and equipment requirements of high temperature resistant hot melt adhesives. The production of high temperature resistant hot melt glue sticks has the advantages of easy control of raw material cost, production process, convenient control and accuracy, thus ensuring the stability of product quality. The high temperature resistant hot melt adhesive has excellent bonding performance, high softening point, convenient storage and convenient promotion and application.


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Low temperature hot melt adhesive


Before the advent of low-temperature hot-melt adhesives, there is a chemical similar to the use of low-temperature hot-melt adhesives. It can be applied to the production of mattresses, sanitary napkins, diapers, etc., but due to the development of the industry, living standards and people's awareness. The improvement is that everyone is pursuing some environmentally friendly and durable products. As a manufacturer, it also pays attention to an efficiency problem, which also promotes the development of hot melt adhesive products and the emergence of low temperature hot melt adhesives.

After the low temperature hot melt adhesive is cooled, the setting effect is better, and the waterproof performance is good, the curing time is extremely short, and the production efficiency is improved.

Good quality hot melt adhesives generally have the characteristics of fast bonding, good aging resistance, heat and cold resistance, good permeability, etc., and are compatible with other additives. They have good compatibility and can be developed for different materials. Corresponding hot melt adhesive products, so hot melt adhesives have a wide range of applications and can be applied to many industries.

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Ultra-low temperature hot melt film has easy forming, and is not easy to be deformed after molding, has strong elasticity, low operating temperature, and can be used without adding any equipment; the viscosity is unchanged for many times; the product is not sticky after heating and softening, 100 % environmentally friendly products, ultra-low temperature hot melt film is suitable for automotive interior, high-grade leather shoes, riding boots, women's shoes, sports shoes and other front and rear sleeves.


There are many properties of hot melt adhesives, which is why hot melt adhesives are becoming more popular on the market. What have you learned from it?

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