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What is the adhesive?

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Adhesives, also known as binders, are materials that bond two or more components together by interface adhesion, cohesion, occlusion, and friction to work together (or function). It can be natural. It can also be artificially prepared, and it can be inorganic, organic or inorganic-organic composite. In short, an adhesive is a material that bonds together by adhering objects through adhesion.

According to the material properties, the adhesive can be divided into natural adhesives and artificial adhesives. Natural adhesives are adhesives that use natural materials directly as adhesives or are simply processed. For example, some components can be extracted from animal and vegetable gums and processed to obtain adhesives. The artificial adhesive mainly refers to the adhesive processed by chemical raw materials, and the common ones are synthetic resin base, water glass base, cement base, gypsum-based adhesive and so on.

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According to the application, the adhesives in the building materials industry mainly include building adhesives and decorative adhesives. Construction adhesives are commonly used in structural load-bearing parts of buildings, and their main components are polyurethane, asphalt or silicone and cement. Decorative adhesives are commonly used in interior decoration, doors and windows, and basements. The market is mainly neoprene adhesives and cement-based adhesives.


According to the performance, the adhesives in the building materials industry can be divided into six types, specifically: solvent-free liquid adhesives, hot melt adhesives, emulsion adhesives, water-soluble adhesives, solvent-based Adhesive and cement based dry mix adhesive. Among them, solvent-free liquid adhesives are the most common, such as epoxy resin adhesives. Common hot melt adhesives include polyacrylate adhesives and polystyrene adhesives. Common emulsion-type adhesives are chlorinated rubber adhesives and various resin-based adhesives. Common water-soluble adhesives include vinyl alcohol adhesives. Common solvent-based adhesives include butyl rubber adhesives. When the cement-based dry-mixing type adhesive is used, it can be uniformly mixed with water at the site, and the cement will gradually condense, harden and produce strength after hydration. Common cement-based dry-mixing adhesives include insulating material adhesives, tile adhesives, and reinforcing material adhesives.

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