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Why does hot melt adhesive appear cold sticky?

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The Hot-melt Granule is cooled before bonding, also known as cold sticking. The causes and solutions for the cold sticking phenomenon are as follows:


(1) The temperature at which the hot melt adhesive is used is low → increase the temperature used;

(2) The open distance is too long → reduce the open distance;

(3) The conveyor speed is too slow → increase the conveyor speed;

(4) The amount of glue applied is not enough → increase the amount of glue applied;

(5) The material to be bonded and the ambient temperature are low → increase the temperature of the environment or the material to be bonded;

(6) Inappropriate pressure → adjust pressure.

Hot-melt polyamide Granule


Hot-melt PA Granule appear to be cold-bonded. It is necessary to analyze them for different reasons and obtain corresponding solutions. If you need to know more detailed treatment methods or need professional technical guidance, you can consult Spiderbond technicians.


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